13 Most Fun Things To Do in Auckland for Adults

Fun thing to do in Auckland

Auckland has an extensive and rich history. Originally inhabited by the Māori people who had well-defined and deep-rooted social, cultural, and political constructs, Auckland appeals to History enthusiasts from all walks of life. New Zealand is well known for its rough but scenic natural landscape and offers plenty of entertainment like Skycity online. This is genuinely where nature and modern living collide. The picturesque hills and towering skyscrapers side by side is truly a sight to behold. With all these fun activities to indulge in, a typical visitor might be spoilt for choice and end up confused on what to engage themselves in and what they can afford to spare for later. Below is a list of the top thirteen most fun activities in Auckland, specifically for adults.

Water sports

With all the water surrounding Auckland, it would be a shame for a tourist to leave without having a go at the many water sports at their disposal. Whether sailing or simply boat riding, Auckland’s two harbours, Waitemata and Manukau, have something for everyone. From anywhere in New Zealand’s largest city, the waters are beckoning to one and all.

Surfing in Auckland


There are many options to consider for sightseeing in Auckland. From the museums to the spectacular Waitomo glow worm caves, Auckland is teeming with interesting exploring locations. From wherever in this magnificent city, an interesting location is never too far away. A key location is the Rangitoto island, consisting of volcanic rocks. When it comes to pleasing the eyes, New Zealand and Auckland, in particular, didn’t come to play. Karekare beach is among the most scenic beaches in the world, and the Auckland botanic is a sight for sore eyes

Culinary delights

Auckland is well known as a tourist destination that offers the best to satisfy the palate. Many delicious and uniquely indigenous foods are prepared in this vibrant city, most notably at the Viaduct harbour. In addition to the amazing foods, there are also exclusive regional takes on the famous international favourites. Indulge yourself with a Texas burger, Auckland style, and taste the difference. For wine tasting, travel a few minutes from Auckland to Kumei and enjoy the wine country.

SkyCity Casino

A trip to Auckland is never complete without a trip to the Sky Tower. The proud holder of the coveted position of being the highest skyscraper in the Southern hemisphere, this complex houses two casinos, a restaurant, and many other interesting businesses. The tower is among the most iconic landmarks in New Zealand and not just Auckland. SkyCity casino is an exciting option to visit and has all the fun table games, including Roulette, guaranteeing a fun time to casino enthusiasts. With affordable pricing, SkyCity casino is a must-visit location for any tourist.

Adrenalin pumping activities

If you are one for extreme sports or are after that thrilling rush of adrenalin, Auckland has you sorted out perfectly. Bungee jumping from three hundred and twenty meters up in the air, the famous sky jump, is bound to have your heart racing wildly in seconds. If this is not sufficient, and you are after something more insane, then sky diving is the next best thing. From twenty thousand feet in the air, a school bus is the size of a speck, and it is from these heights tourists get to experience the fantastic sky diving.

Diving through history

Auckland is a centre for cultural heritage. Home to the indigenous Māori people, it offers accurate and first-hand information on the way of life of these people. It has many other historical features, including numerous museums and sanctuaries. Visit the Te Puia Māori village and look at what is meant by true Māori culture. Experience the hospitality and warmth that defines the culture from a front-row seat. It doesn’t hurt either that this is also a very scenic location.

Daytrip tours

There are a lot of tours arranged for the convenience of tourists. It is nearly impossible to conclusively plan out a trail from an individual level that covers all the important sites and scenery. Still, a simple solution for this has been found from the different travel agencies in the city. Go through an articulated tour that covers most of the important sites within the shortest period and use the most convenient means of travel

Luxury helicopter tours and cruises

If spending slightly above the usual is not an issue, then a luxury helicopter tour is another excellent method to view the city of Auckland. A bird’s eye view offers a different perspective to this beautiful city. Many companies provide this service, depending on the number of passengers and flight hours. Another method to experience the oceans surrounding Auckland is going on a cruise on a yacht. A bit of fine dining and living is worth the extra money.

Enjoy the sports

New Zealand is well known for its prowess in sports. The people are energetic in everything they do, and this is displayed most in rugby, which can be said to be the national sport of the region. Auckland is home to many teams, including the pride of the nation, the All Blacks. A bonus is that this does not incur any costs to the tourist.

Explore the fauna

New Zealand is overflowing with nature, and the number of animals in this slice of heaven is a wonder; Auckland is no different and has a variety of indigenous animals that are a wonder to behold. Visit the Auckland Zoo and observe the amount of love and care put into their conservation efforts.

Mountain climbing

Auckland has beautiful mountains; they do not promise the same exhilaration as the Alps, but what they have is the amazing weather to go mountain climbing. Climb Mount Eden and take in the view from the top. Breathe in the rich, clean air and escape reality. It is not compulsory to have traditional mountain climbing equipment with you for this activity. Rent a bike and go up the trails or walk your way to the top, whichever works best for you.

Fine arts

Auckland offers a plethora of fine arts to skim through. One trip to the Auckland art gallery will not only leave you enthralled but also acknowledge the role of the gallery as one of the biggest and most inclusive collections of art in New Zealand and the surrounding region. It has art collections from both local and international artists and is diverse in the type of artwork displayed on its walls.


It is safe to say that Auckland has something for everyone, especially the nightlife offered by the casinos and gaming centres.

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