Things To Bear In Mind When Gambling In New Zealand


Gambling is an easy thing to do. All you have to do is to make sure that you know a little about it. Land-based casinos are legal in New Zealand, and in fact, you will find a casino in every city. That being said, you must not rush when it comes to gambling and take some time to understand how the industry operates in the first place. So, if you’re planning to wager money in a casino, take all the things into account, and keep the following things in mind.

Gambling is legal:


This is the first thing that should come to your mind. Since the casinos are legal in the country, this will certainly ease you out. Instead of trying to find an online casino, you can simply walk into a land-based casino. Though you can play online poker in the country, and various other online casinos are there to cater to your requirements, the experience of land-based casinos is something else. The legalized gambling in the country is regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs that sees the licensing, and revocations as well.

Know the rules of the casino:


Compared to the online casino, the land-based ones have rules that need to be followed. This doesn’t mean the ones that are to be followed in the games, but these are the rules of the house. From the dress code to the age limits, you will need to know. The law of the land allows anybody who is 20 to enter any casino in the country. In addition to that, certain dress codes will have to be followed. For a start, the casinos won’t allow you to enter with PJs or similar kinds of clothing. So, in this regard, it will be best to know what are the ground rules to enter the casino. The information can be had from the website of the casino.



The casinos in New Zealand host gambling events that will be a boon in your gambling experience. They offer you a chance to win a massive amount and have the best time of your life. In this case, it will be best to check whether any events are in place, and how you can participate in them. This will certainly boost your winning potential and enjoyment.

Winnings aren’t taxable:


As shocking as it may come, gambling winnings in the country aren’t taxable. What does this mean? Simply put, if you win an amount from gambling, you will not have to pay any taxes on it. This is because the Government of New Zealand doesn’t consider the gambling profession, but a recreational activity. This has been one of the factors that have attracted people from Australia as well as other countries to gamble.


New Zealand is an excellent location to gamble as well as to take some time off from your busy schedule. The casinos will offer you a variety of entertainment, and you don’t even get to pay taxes on the winning. That indeed is a package packed with excitement.

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