Things To Know About The Casinos In New Zealand


New Zealand is a picturesque location that offers everything that a tourist needs. From the breathtaking locations to the mouth-watering cuisine, you won’t run out of things to do in the country. However, one of the best things in the country, and surprisingly, it offers a unique experience is the gambling industry. The country has its share of land-based casinos, and in fact, there’s a casino in every city. So, embrace yourself, and know-how does the gambling industry operate in the country. On top of that, know-how one can use that to the advantage.

The casinos are legalized:

The casinos in the country are a legal affair. That being said, the land-based casinos are licensed, hence legalized by the law of the land. You will find a casino in every city in the county. In addition to that, the casino industry contributes a lot to the GDP or revenue of the nation. There are racecourses, slots, card games, and various kinds of games where you can wager your money.

casinos are legalized

Age and limitations:

Since the gambling industry in the country is a legal business, there are some rules that one will need to follow. For a start, the minimum age to enter the casino has been set to 20. This also applies to online poker as well. In addition to that, the dress code is strict. Though there’s no need to go for the hassle of formals, your PJ won’t allow you to enter the casinos. It’s equally important to mention that the dress code will depend on the casino, and the information related to it can be found on the website of the casinos.

Where are the casinos located?

The cities in the country have casinos. These include Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, and Dunedin. In total, the country has six excellent casinos where you can play any gambling game without any hassle. In addition to that, there are casinos where you are also allowed the provision of betting on games like the PS4

casinos located

Hamilton Skycity:

Though every casino merits a visit, the Hamilton Skycity stands out. The casino offers more than gambling to its players. Situated at the Waikato river, the casino hosts an annual event where the players can win a massive prize of $4000. In addition to that, the 323-meter tower of the casino offers more than usual. The tower will give you a panoramic view of the city. There are more than 1600 games that you can try to play.


Though New Zealand hasn’t had its share in the advertisement, the country boasts of its elegant casinos., Where there are casino games, there are various features that you will not want to miss. On top of that, each location is unique in its way. From the slots to the card games, the casinos are excellent, the gambling experience is unique, and wins are massive. In addition to that, the industry being legal triggers your gambling appetite.

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